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Antonville, Mississippi, June of 1852

* Violence and Gore

* Transphobia
* Family Betrayal

“Did you do something to my brain?” Ash asked.

The Silun dropped the smile and grimaced, “Yes. Do you care?”

“No,” Ash said, then began to panic, “Why don’t I care?!”

“You’re frustrating,” the Silun groaned and rubbed its temples, “Just give me my Phasing Stone back.”

Although Ash was worried about why he was doing it, he did hold out the stone and let it drop to the ground, where it was greedily grabbed up by the Silun hunter.

“Thanks,” the Silun growled happily, “Now get down from th-”

The sentence was interrupted by the church doors exploding with the force of a thousand winds. Saturn Olympus smashed down the door with his massive, ironclad fists.

“Don’t listen to him, son!” Saturn shouted to Ash, “I know you can’t help but trusting him, so trust me more!”

“You’ll make a fine trophy!” The Silun shouldered his rifle and fired a bolt of energy at Saturn, who responded by leaping into the air as if he were some kind of massive bullfrog, and leaving the weapon’s fire to bore a hole in the church wall. With a thrust of his arm, Saturn hurled a bolt of electricity at the Silun, which caused the Silun to convulse and scream in pain. The hunter fell to its knees, causing the rifle and the Phasing Stone to tumble to the ground.

Saturn’s leap had led him to the wall, where he embedded himself in the timber with a swift punch and kick, “Get the Phasing Stone!” Saturn shouted, hurling another bolt of lightning at the Silun.

Ash dove from the rafters and rolled onto the ground, gripping the Phasing Stone and disappearing to the far side of the church, “I’ve got it, Saturn!”

“Good man!” Saturn shouted back, whooping.

Another bolt of energy ripped through the air, and Saturn just barely escaped injury as he dropped to the ground. The Silun had recovered his weapon and wits.

Within one blink of an eye, Ash had appeared behind the Silun, delivered a kick to the back of the knees, appeared above the Silun, brought a knee down on the hunter’s nose, then appeared between the Silun’s arms to punch the monster in the wrist. Ash phased to the pews before the Silun felt any one of the blows, all three of them overtaking him at once.

With the Silun on one knee, gripping its face, and dropping the rifle, Saturn pounced. The two were quickly gripped in mortal combat. Ash thought about intervening, but they moved too quickly for him to track. The mighty Human was landing punches and kicks which resonated like a falling tree, but the Silun was slashing and hacking with its bared claws, biting and snapping at Saturn’s neck like a monstrous wolverine.

Then Ash remembered the moment he first met the Silun. And saw that the rifle was unguarded.

“Get off of my friend!” Ash shouted.

When the Silun looked up, Ash was holding the rifle at it.

“What are you doing?” The Silun’s face was simultaneously twisted in confusion and rage.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Ash said, so many confused emotions bubbling in his head, “But I really want to want to hurt you…”

The Silun snarled, still gipping and being gripped by Saturn as they struggled for control. Then, in a flash, the Silun exploded into fire.


Read Part 3 | Read Part 5

Continue the Adventure with Time Wars Tales books!


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