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Antonville, Mississippi, June of 1852

* Violence and Gore

* Transphobia
* Family Betrayal

“Your parents aren’t here,” a voice said from behind Ash. Without thinking, Ash was simply turned all the way around – a new way to use the Phasing Stone, Ash noted.

The voice belonged to a young man, about Ash’s age, whose bald-shaved head was almost as dark as his coal-black eyes. Under the man’s long-sleeved cotton shirt, he appeared to be extremely muscular, but Ash noticed something oddly angular about the movement of his muscles underneath his clothing. The man’s hands were held up, to show that he was no threat, but also unintentionally showing off strange gloves which seemed to be made of interlocked metal plates. They resembled, to Ash, the wood carved prints he’d seen of the gauntleted fists of knights in armor.

“What’s happened here?” Ash asked, “What’s killing people?”

“It’s called a Silun,” the man said, “It’s a hunter from another world. It’s hunting Humans for trophies.”

“Who are you and how do you know this?” Ash asked.

“Don’t you recognize me?” the man asked, unamused, “I guess I haven’t seen you since you moved out of town…”

Ash squinted. In the dark, he hadn’t recognized him.

“I don’t know your name,” Ash said, “But your mother was run out of town… for having learned how to read…”

The man nodded, “My name is Saturn Olympus, and you’re in tremendous danger. Even with that little trinket,” He pointed at Ash’s Phasing Stone.

Holding it up, Ash said, “I have a feeling our friend the hunter will want it back.”

“That’s what I mean,” Saturn said, “Now let’s get going.”

“Where are my parents?” Ash demanded.

Saturn sighed, “Look, let’s get out of here.”

“Where are they?” Ash demanded.

“Don’t look for them,” Saturn snorted, “No good will come of it.”

“Where are they?!” Ash shouted, tears in his eyes. Saturn didn’t respond this time.

In a blink, Ash was running across the rooftops, looking for any sign of Human life. Ash moved effortlessly miles to an uncle’s barn, then across town again to the school. Everywhere he looked he found those who were once beloved neighbors and fellow church-goers. Now they were still, lifeless corpses, bored through the middle with a hole like all the others before.

It wasn’t until Ash was standing on top of the mayor’s mansion, looking out at the rest of the town, that he realized that he had only ever been to the church by standing on the belltower. With a sinking feeling, Ash also thought that, since he had been everywhere else in town, if there was anything left to find, it would be inside the church.

Being sure to be careful as he entered the church, Ash phased into a shadowy space in the rafters, behind the massive cross which adorned the main stage. Ash was immediately thankful for his caution, because the Silun hunter was there. The Silun’s pink-red robes were clearly designed for the task at hand. It was carving the meat off of the bones of Human beings. Ash’s eyes went wide as he realized that the bodies being carved near the podium were his friends and relatives. A neat pyramid of fresh yellow skulls sat to one side of the church organ, near a haphazard pile of other bones in the choirbox. The viscera was being peeled away in layers, clumped into piles, and forgotten in the pews. The Silun was covered in skin, flesh, hair, guts, and blood.

When Ash noticed his parents’ Sunday clothes in the pile of discarded flesh, he retched. His stomach muscles pulled together, and vomit poured from his mouth onto the floor. The scraping of the Silun’s knife and claws against flesh and bone stopped. Ash had been caught.

The Silun made a high-pitched sound, the likes of which Ash had never heard before. The sound seemed to shake the smallest parts of his brain, and Ash became dizzy…

Ash’s mind seemed to change on its own. Although Ash was no longer afraid of the Silun, he was definitely scared by the fact that something had happened to his fear.

“Come out from there,” the Silun growled, and again Ash heard it as speech even though there were no words in English.

Without thinking about it, Ash stepped out from behind the crucifix, looking down at the Silun. Ash was confused by his own trust.

“Why am I not afraid of you anymore?” Ash asked, his heart racing.

The Silun grinned, razor-sharp blood-stained teeth showing in a grim replication of a Human smile, “Because I’m not that scary.”


Read Part 2 | Read Part 4

Continue the Adventure with Time Wars Tales books!



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