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Virginia Countryside, June of 1858

* Violence and Gore
* Racially motivated violence

“Please,” Zane asked, looking at John Brown, “Let me go free. I’ll serve as a warning to all other Noveratu, er, Vampires, as you say. You’ve already taken everything from me!”

John Brown raised an eyebrow, “I’m not in charge here. You’re pleading with the wrong person.” He cocked his head in the direction of Harriet.

Harriet descended the rubble heap to stand in front of Zane, said  “I’ll never leave scum like you alive,” and made a sudden slash at Zane.

Her sword sliced effortlessly through Zane’s uniform, but was stopped when it hit the clang of metal. Normally the sword could cut any metal, so this meant that this was no ordinary metal.

Zane sneered, “You think I’m unprepared?” He ripped off his clothing, revealing a light and skintight suit of chainmail armor. Unlike any other metal Harriet had ever seen before, it shimmered bronze, green, and rose. It glowed with a blue energy as Zane’s eyes flared with a supernatural light. John fired several rounds of his pistol, bolts of green plasmaic flame, into Zane’s chest, but they shots were absorbed and their energy scattered harmlessly like the remains of an impacted snowball.

With a heft of his legs, Zane jumped straight up into the air with incredible force, boring a tunnel straight up through miles of rock and soil.

“He is moving through the soil at incredible speed,” John Brown reported, watching Zane travel through the rock with his goggles, “He will break the surface soon. My goodness… he is gaining speed…”

“Take my hand,” Harriet Tubman said. John grasped her hand, she cut open a portal, and they walked through to the surface of the Earth. Above them was the dark sky of a new moon, and ahead of them was an inverse crater as Zane burst through the soil and into the air.

“Shoot him, now!” Tubman said. Expertly, John locked on to the moving target with his advanced goggles, and fired bolts of flaming plasma at his Vampire nemesis. Unlike anything John had ever seen before, Zane changed direction midair and avoided the bolts, which careened harmlessly into the darkness. Zane landed hundreds of feet away from them, then disappeared into the shadows.

“Where is how now?” Harriet asked, relying on John’s perceptive abilities, enhanced by his goggles.

After a moment, exhausting every setting in his goggles, John said, sighing, “I don’t know. I lost him, too.”

Harriet hurled her sword into the soil, screaming in frustration. John put a hand on her shoulder, which helped her remember that she wasn’t the only one feeling defeated.

“We’ll get them next time,” John said.

“There’s always a next time,” Harriet said, grimly.

“That’s true,” John said, “But… at least, there’s always a next time.”

Harriet sighed, swallowed the words of her friend, and reached for her sword’s hilt again, cleaning the blade on her pant legs before sheathing it.

“Let’s go home.”

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Continue the Adventure with Time Wars Tales books!


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