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Virginia Countryside, June of 1858

* Violence and Gore

* Racially motivated violence

Harriet Tubman slashed at the Vampire Time Traveler Daendar Thelaf with her thin, curved sword. It glowed as the gem inside of it drew strength from her passion. Each time the monster Daendar would get in a position to attack her, she would slash a hole in space and leap into a different place, often behind Daendar so she could resume her assault. Harriet could tell that there was a weapon on Daendar’s hip, inside the small silver box attached to their clothes, but by deftly intervening each time Daendar reached for it, Harriet managed to parry each attempt by Daendar to arm themself.

Finally, one of Daendar’s four wrists managed to send a plume of fire into Harriet’s clothing. She had to abandon her long felt coat, hurling it a distance away from her. She was still covered from head to toe in militia fatigues as she jumped into a distant corner of the observation platform, overlooking the mile-long blood factory. The platform they stood on creaked and began to lean to one side, threatening to overturn them into the massively deep pit below them.

“Daendar Thelaf,” Harriet sneered, “You demonic scum. You look younger than the last time we met, in Maryland.”

“I haven’t been to Maryland yet,” Daendar said, soaked in their own blood, clothing in tatters, and gashed over and over again from face to waist.

“Then I have advice for your future,” Harriet said, hefting up an errant piece of lumber left over from a repair, “When you get back to your time, buy a bottle of whiskey for the headache I’m going to give you in Maryland.”

Daendar reached for a weapon cached on their hip, but before the motion was complete Harriet slashed the air with her glowing sword, creating a portal, and tossed the lumber through the portal. The lumber went forward, towards Daendar, before slipping through a loophole in physics which created a wormhole in space, and smacking Daendar on the back of the head. Daendar fell forward, blood rushing through their fangs.

“Maybe make that two,” Harriet said.

As she moved to slice the monster’s head off, the platform under her feet gave way. She lurched to the side, the lumber twisted and crumbled, and the entire structure fell into the chasm below. With the ground slipping away, Harriet slashed the air and created a portal down to the ground.

Now, with the platform crashing down upon her, Harriet looked up and held up an amulet, a purple gem embedded in gold, and allowed the energy from inside her to flow outward, through the gem. Her energy poured into the gem, and what poured out was a protective purple light. She felt the reverberations of force as the lumber of the platform crashed into the purple energy, but the lumber careened off of it like water off the hull of a ship. She continued to pour her energy into the gem, waiting for the platform to finish its collapse.

Once the rumbling ceased, Harriet let the energy recede back into the gem. With a flick of the wrist she cut another portal, stepped through, and landed on top of the heap which had threatened to crush her. To the side of the heap, Zane stood with his hands in the air, John Brown still pointing a gun at the Vampiric army officer.

“Where is Daendar?” Harriet asked, holding her glowing sword outward to illuminate the crumbling factory.

John scanned the area with his thick goggles, using the secret and sophisticated technology inside them to see what no one else could, “Not here,” John said, “Wherever they are, they escaped.”

“Curses,” Harriet spat, “The captives?” She asked John, “Are they free?”

“Our agents are getting them out now,” John said, listening to the speaking device embedded into his goggles, “Tonight is this factory’s final night of operation.”


Read Part 1 | Read Part 3

Continue the Adventure with Time Wars Tales books!


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