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Port Townsend, January of 1853

* Violence and Gore

* Violence against non-Human animals

Two dogs with monstrous fangs were leaping and biting at Eve, who was using her floor-length hijab like a net, a shield, and a decoy at once. This, unfortunately, left the dogs’ leader, who was ensconced in a protective green light flowing from its eyes, to her own devices in regards to the defenseless Mary Ann. She had been in gunfights, and even killed a pirate in a sword duel, but she had no idea how to begin to fight a demonic canine.

The night mist was split with a whistle as a sickle of purple light came down from the rooftop – the same rooftop from which Eve had vaulted. The sickle of purple light struck the green light surrounding the green-eyed dog, creating an explosion. In the moment Mary Ann needed in order to adjust her eyes, another woman in a hijab, this time much taller, appeared between Mary Ann and the glowing green dog.

“What are you after, Green Eyes?” This new woman in a hijab, taller than Eve and carrying a curved scimitar, asked the dog in a thick and mellifluous Persian accent.

Shocking Mary Ann, the dog opened its mouth and responded in English, littered with growls and yaps, “None of your business, Purple Fox! This does not concern you or your kin!”

“All Humanity is my kin,” the Purple Fox, as Green Eyes had called her, replied. She punctuated the point by swirling her sword arm and summoning a blast of purple energy forth from her eyes. Just like Green Eyes, the Purple Fox had light flowing from her irises, cascading like water and wafting like steam. Unlike the dog, the woman channeled that energy into her sword. The swirling motion collected her purple light into a sphere, which hung in the air, motionless, for a moment, before a flick of the wrist and a paddle with the flat side of the sword sent the ball of energy hurtling towards the small dog.

Green Eyes reared up on her hind legs, the energy swirling around her like a vortex. The energy surged through her shoulders and face, pooling around her muzzle like rivers flowing into a lake. At the point where the energy met, it projected a column of green energy directly forward. Green Eyes’s beam sliced the Purple Fox’s purple sphere in half, creating another explosion. Mary Ann covered her head as roof shingles and mortar rained down on her and her trunk.

Mary Ann decided to use the distraction as cover to drag her trunk out of the alleyway, eager to escape the mind-boggling conflict. Covered in white dust and sweating into her felt clothes, she was terrified of the strange things she had witnessed.

Like bullets, the two henchdogs were flung out of the alleyway. Their spines smashed a tree in half, and they tumbled to the ground. Eve jumped out of the alleyway, hands balled into fists. She reached into the folds of her hijab and produced a frosted glass rod with a glowing orange center. Eve put both hands on the rod and a column of orange energy burst forth like a flaming blade. Before the henchdogs could recover, still tangled in the branches of the felled tree, Eve was upon them, bringing the blade down upon them. Within moments Eve had cut them into pieces, each slice causing a surge of light.

With the Purple Fox hot on her four heels, Green Eyes dashed towards her fallen compatriots. Sniffing at their sectioned bodies, she looked towards the two sword-wielding hijab-wearing women and howled: “You killed my sisters! You should have never gotten involved, Purple Fox!”

“You should never have involved us,” the Purple Fox said, raising her scimitar, “by attacking a Human. You know not to cross us.”

“This isn’t over,” Green Eyes’s energy flowed around her small dog body, glowing with a menacing light, “I will have my revenge, Purple Fox!” With a supernatural swiftness, Green Eyes dashed away into the darkness.

“Are you alright?” The Purple Fox extended a hand to Mary Ann, who took it and shook it vigorously in the custom of her people.

“Thanks to you, I am, Miss Purple Fox!” Mary Ann gushed with hero worship, in awe of the physical prowess and magical mastery she had just seen on the part of both the hijab-wearing women.

The woman giggled as she retracted her hand, “Purple Fox is what my enemies have come to call me. My name is Manijheh.”

“And if you hear anyone calling for the Orange Blade,” Eve said, having introduced herself before, “That would be me,” As if to show off why, she held her glowing blade aloft. When she removed a hand from the hilt, the blade of energy retreated back into the glass rod hilt.

“What were those things?” Mary Ann asked.

Manijheh walked over to the sliced-up corpses of the henchdogs and picked up a bodiless head. Reaching into the skull, Manijheh pried out a lump of grey flesh attached to two long tentacles with those uncanny fangs attached to the ends. She announced the answer, with the lump as proof: “Vampires. They can be any species, but typically they only attack others of the same species.”

“What would a dog-bodied Vampire want with you?” Eve asked Mary Ann, “Do you have dog blood with you?”

“Kind of,” Mary Ann laughed shyly. She opened her trunk.

Inside were three scared, cold, huddling puppies. One red-brown, one black, and one white.

“They’re German Pinschers,” Mary Ann said, “They’re all I have left. I have to keep them safe.”

“Where are you headed?” Manijheh asked.

Mary Ann took a second to think, “Seattle, maybe?”

“Then we will keep them safe together,” Manijheh said, and after Mary Ann closed the trunk back, they all three began to walk to Seattle.

Read Part 1

Continue the Adventure with Time Wars Tales books!


One thought on “DOGS OF WAR pt 2

  1. Absolutely beautiful imagery, I could feel the green and purple energies surging through me as I read. It’s powerful and delicate and intriguing. I didn’t just read a story, I saw it.

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